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Beth Hoeffgen Receives Volunteer-of-the-Year Award

December 08, 2023 Noah Gangi
Hospice of North Central Ohio (HNCO) has presented the 8th annual Sandra J. Rule Dauch Volunteer-of-the-Year Award to Beth Hoeffgen.
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Hospice of North Central Ohio Receives Grant

December 06, 2023 Noah Gangi
The Board of Directors at The Energy Cooperative Operation Round Up Foundation, Newark, Ohio has approved a grant in the amount of $912.00 to fund the purchase of Wheelchair comfort armrest pads for patients under the care of HNCO.
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Colonial City Moose Lodge #2555 of Mount Vernon Continues Support

December 05, 2023 Noah Gangi
HNCO/Hospice of Knox County representative, Kim Giffin, receives donations in the amount of $5656 from Mike Smith of the Colonial Moose Lodge #2555 of Mount Vernon.
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Gimbel Foundation Approves Grant for HNCO

November 20, 2023 Noah Gangi
The board of trustees at The Russell & Mary Gimbel Foundation, Mansfield, Ohio has approved a grant in the amount of $3,000.00 to support end-of-life patient care at Hospice of North Central Ohio.
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Ashland Eagles Club Supports HNCO

November 13, 2023 Noah Gangi
The Fraternal Order of Ashland Eagles donates $7,600.00 to support HNCO mission.
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How to Navigate the Driving Conversation with an Aging Parent

February 06, 2020
Encouraging your parent to hand in the keys can be difficult. However, it doesn’t have to mean the end of their freedom. Learn how to navigate the driving conversation with an aging parent.
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These Are My Wishes: How to Make Sure Your Family Knows Your Plans for End-of-Life Care

October 01, 2019
If your family knows and understands your wishes for end-of-life care, all of you will have the gift of peace of mind. Follow these tips for making sure they know and understand!
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When Is Discussing Hospice with Your Patient the Best Option Instead of the Last Option?

July 25, 2019
Hospice care, when sought sooner rather than later, helps patients to make the most of the here and now and live life on their own terms.
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What Is Hospice Care?

July 09, 2019
Hospice of North Central Ohio provides care, support, counseling, and companionship to help patients and their families experience the end of life in peaceful and meaningful ways.
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The Difficult Conversations You Need to Have with Your Aging Parents

July 09, 2019
Having conversations with your aging parents about finances, assisted living options, and end-of-life choices is an essential part of ensuring that your parents get the care they want and need.
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