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May 20, 2022 comments
Lori Casto discusses Hospice. Tina Maria Heibert, Hospice Community Liaison, and Chris Murphy, RN, Clinical Resource Nurse Educator, from Hospice of North Central Ohio discuss the benefit of hospice.
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2022 Newsletter

March 25, 2022
Spring Newsletter
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2021 HNCO Sandra J. Rule Dauch Volunteer of the Year Award.

December 01, 2021 Noah Gangi comments
Danielle England, William Kahl and Marge Armstrong 2021 HNCO Sandra J. Rule Dauch Volunteer of the Year Award.
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January 14, 2021
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We Honor Veterans Service

November 09, 2020
We Honor Veterans Video starring Don Horn, Jerry Mann, Larry Andrzejewski, Chaplain Dave Matos, and Danielle Sutton.
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2020 Fall Bereavement Services

October 12, 2020 comments
Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are hosting a virtual Bereavement Service. Watch as Becky Pfister, Kathy Wantland, Dave Matos, and Reggie Cureton say words about those we lost. Gone but never forgotten.
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Grief and Anxiety during the COVID Pandemic

May 05, 2020 comments
Grief and Anxiety during the COVID-19 Pandemic with a video of sounds to relax and calm your mind.
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Funerals in the Time of Coronavirus:

April 13, 2020 comments
Funerals in the Time of Coronavirus: Thoughts for Families; by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. Needless to say, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is a challenging time for everyone. But if someone you love has died, it is likely that the current social distancing orders and travel restrictions are making funeral planning especially difficult for your family. Losing a loved one is hard enough. Losing a loved one at a time of unprecedented upheaval and limitations may seem overwhelming. I am sorry you have been put in this position, and I hope this article will help your family find ways to meet your mourning needs and honor the person who died while making any necessary adjustments to keep everyone safe.
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The Pandemic of Grief

April 08, 2020 comments
Coronavirus and the Six Needs of Mourning Alongside the physical pandemic, the novel coronavirus is causing a pandemic of grief. That’s what we’re all feeling right now—grief. It’s important to recognize that. Dr. Wolfelt wrote this article, "Coronavirus and the Six Needs of Mourning" to help everyone be aware of six needs of mourning related to pandemic grief. We hope you find this helpful and encourage you to share with anyone that you think might find it of support at this time
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How to Navigate the Driving Conversation with an Aging Parent

February 06, 2020
Encouraging your parent to hand in the keys can be difficult. However, it doesn’t have to mean the end of their freedom. Learn how to navigate the driving conversation with an aging parent.
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These Are My Wishes: How to Make Sure Your Family Knows Your Plans for End-of-Life Care

October 01, 2019
If your family knows and understands your wishes for end-of-life care, all of you will have the gift of peace of mind. Follow these tips for making sure they know and understand!
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When Is Discussing Hospice with Your Patient the Best Option Instead of the Last Option?

July 25, 2019
Hospice care, when sought sooner rather than later, helps patients to make the most of the here and now and live life on their own terms.
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