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Your HNCO Care Team

Working together, this team has one goal: to provide comfort, joy, and meaning to every day!

Your Care Team includes:

  • You and your family-you are in charge of your care!
  • Your hospice aides help you with daily tasks like bathing and dressing.
  • Your doctor continues to care for you. You may keep your family physician or choose our medical director.
  • Your nurses provide skilled care, support and education about disease processes, equipment use, hands-on care, and caregiving.
  • Your social worker assists with the effects of illness in your life like decision making, family discussions, emotional support, resources, etc.
  • Your chaplain supports your personal spiritual beliefs and practices, providing a listening ear, prayers, assistance with memorial plans, and support in healing relationships.
  • Your bereavement counselor helps your family deal with life transitions. 
  • Your volunteers are trained to provide companionship, practical assistance like running errands and transportation, and emotional support for you and your family.
Hospice care team - Hospice of North Central Ohio


Your HNCO Care Team communicates with you and each other to establish and implement your personalized care plan.

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