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The HNCO Difference

You and your loved ones can expect life's final months to be more comfortable, peaceful, and fulfilling when you choose Hospice of North Central Ohio. With 30+ years of experience locally, we are the area's most comprehensive and experienced resource for expert, compassionate end-of-life support.

What makes HNCO different?

Non-Profit Hospice

HNCO is non-profit, reinvesting ALL revenue into serving local families, not owners’ pockets or out-of-town based networks.

Proven Provider of Excellent Care

HNCO meets or exceeds the national averages for almost every quality-based outcome. We outscore most all of our competitors, and we are CHAP accredited, going beyond the basic standards of care. (See for yourself at

Care for Everyone

HNCO provides care to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Palliative Care

Our Life’s Seasons Palliative Care (for those with chronic illness) is provided by certified nurse practitioners.

Grief Support for Children

Children grieve differently, so we provide free grief support tailored to children through programs, summer camps, school groups, and individual counseling.

Community Connections

HNCO is invested in the local community. $750,000 is responsibly endowed in local foundations in the communities we serve.

Vigil Volunteers

The mission of the Vigil Program is to serve those patients who are at risk of dying alone.  Our vigil volunteers are present during the last 48 hours of life to provide support, comfort and a sacred space.

Community Grief Support

Ongoing grief care, including workshops, support groups, counseling and public memorial services, are offered for free not only to the families in our program, but to anyone in the community.

Hospice Help for Children

Unlike many hospices, Hospice of North Central Ohio is certified to provide pediatric hospice care.

Be sure to compare, as all hospices are not the same. Ask for us by name!

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