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Bereavement Care

Everyone experiences grief differently. That is why at Hospice of North Central Ohio we tailor our bereavement services to provide comprehensive guidance and ongoing support.

Hospice of North Central Ohio differs from other hospice organizations in that our bereavement services benefit anyone in the community, at any time. Thanks to the generous support of area individuals and agencies, our bereavement programs are offered at no cost to not only the families of our hospice patients, but to anyone in the community.


Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Licensed staff members provide individual counseling for children, youth, adults, and families who have experienced a death. This includes accidental death, non-hospice medical death, homicide, and suicide. Services are provided at Hospice of North Central Ohio, in the home, at school, in the workplace, and in other community locations.

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Support Groups

We offer a number of support groups for adults seeking guidance and ongoing connection with others experiencing similar losses:

  • General Grief Group (weekly)
  • Infant and Pregnancy Loss (monthly)
  • Suicide Grief Support (monthly)
  • Parents’ Loss Support Group (monthly)
  • Grievers of Overdose (monthly)
  • Addiction Group @ UMDAOP (bi-weekly)
  • Volunteer-led groups meet in various locations

Contact your local hospice care office to find out when these groups meet in your area:

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Community Outreach

 Kids and Grief

Grief Counseling

Our Bereavement Counselors provide individual counseling for children and youth who have experienced a death.  This includes accidental death, non-hospice medical death, homicide, suicide and overdose.  Our services are open to the public and are free of charge.  

School Groups

Our Bereavement Counselors offer support groups in several schools in Ashland, Knox and Richland counties.  Children who have lost a loved one can make social connections and receive ongoing support through group grief programs.  

Contact your local school's guidance counselor or reach out to us for additional information about joining these groups.

Camp Hope

Camp Hope is a four-day summer camp for children and youth ages 6-17 who have lost a loved one. The goal is to help kids survive the bereavement journey with skills, caring, and friendships to support them along the way.

Camp Hope 2020 is an overnight camp at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Perrysville, Ohio! Children ages 6 to 11 will attend from 5 pm, Friday, September 11th  to 3 pm, Sunday, September 13th. Children ages 12 to 17 will attend from 5pm, Frisday, September 18th to 3 pm, Sunday, September 20. 

Camp Hope is open to the public. 

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