Hospice Services

The following services provided by Hospice of North Central Ohio are available to anyone in need, regardless of his or her ability to pay. Funding for HNCO services is provided through major medical insurance, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, local fund raising, private donations, and memorials.

  • Medications for Pain and Symptom Management
    Eliminates or controls all pain and other physical symptoms, thereby keeping the patient as comfortable as possible while he or she is still alert.
  • Professional Nursing Visits
    Provides ongoing monitoring of a patient's condition.
  • Assistance and Instruction to Family Caregivers
    Helps family caregivers learn a variety of effective and appropriate patient care techniques.
  • Personal Care and Homemaker Assistance
    Provides assistance to a patient and his or her family with personal and home tasks.
  • Medical and Social Services
    Lends emotional support to individuals and families and networks them with financial, legal, and social services.
  • Spiritual Care from the Hospice Chaplain
    Integrates spiritual care into the family's own religious institution.
  • Dietary Guidance from a Registered Dietitian

  • Music Therapy, Pet Therapy, and Aromatherapy
  • Trained Volunteers
    Provides services for the patient and primary caregiver, particularly day-to-day activities and responsibilities.
  • Bereavement Support
    Supports individuals and family members while they are dealing with grief; the term of support services can run from the time of the patient's admission to at least one year after the patient's death. Free grief support is also available to anyone in the community who is dealing with a loss.
  • Short-Term Inpatient Care
    Provides pain and symptom management as well as respite care.
  • On-Call Professional Staff
    Supports anyone who is in need on a 24 hours per day, 7 day per week basis.