Accessing Hospice of North Central Ohio Services

The best time to learn about hospice care is before it is needed, so feel free to phone us at 419-281-7107 or 800-952-2207 or e-mail us for more information. To begin the admission process, we first contact the patient's physician to determine if hospice care is appropriate for the patient. We will also determine whether or not the patient's physician will continue to serve as the primary physician. A meeting between the patient, family, and a Hospice of North Central Ohio staff member will then be arranged, and our program will be thoroughly explained.

If the patient and family decide to use hospice services, they will sign consent and insurance forms. Please know that if a Hospice of North Central Ohio patient's condition improves and the disease appears in remission, the patient can be discharged from hospice to return to aggressive therapy or go about his or her daily life.