Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry was founded in 2007. Hospice of North Central Ohio volunteers, staff members, individuals in the community, and groups from local churches make shawls to give to bereaved family members. The shawls serve as a reminder that intentional prayer for peace and love is surrounding family members as they move through their grief journies.


As you move through these long days, may you be blessed through the
Wearing of your shawl, and carried by your God who loves you so.
May those around you comfort you
May their love soothe your broken heart
May their care ease your pain
May their steadfast presence remind you that, in your grief and in your loss,
You do not mourn alone.
May your tears be gathered by angels
May your aching heart be eased by the solace of your God
May your nagging pain be stilled by the prayers of those who love you.
May you gently rap this shawl around you, may you be surrounded by its love,
Enfolded by its prayers, embraced by its warmth, and cradled in its softness.
~ Amen ~